If I Could Turn Back Time…

If I Could Turn Back Time…

Y’all, I’ve got to tell you that my husband has been an incredible support system for me through my journey back to health.  Although his need to get healthy wasn’t as urgent as mine, he still joined the gym with me and worked on changing his eating habits along with me.  I admire him for joining and supporting me because he didn’t have much extra weight and didn’t have the health issues looming over his head like I did.  But out of love for me and himself he decided to jump on-board and take this ride with me.  I’m one lucky girl, I’ll tell you that much!

Now my husband loves his sweets and is not so much a fan of those dreaded veggies.  He always tells me he has a separate stomach for dessert.  Lucky for him he has a metabolism that can keep up, but that doesn’t change what those things do inside his body that cannot be seen outside.  So, he has significantly reduced his sugar intake from what it used to be.

Jokingly, he texted me this morning asking if his almost 4 mile run on the treadmill constituted him getting to eat badly today.  He followed up on a serious note with “I spent a decade taking years off my life and now I’ll do whatever it takes to add a few minutes with you and Collin.”  I know, he’s slick, right?  But it’s so true!  We both started this journey so we could have more time together and with our son and the rest of our family.

So my question to you is this….. When are you going to start adding some of that time back to your life so that you have more time with your loved ones?  It’s not just about you; it is about those who love you and their quality and quantity of time with you.  There’s no better time than now to make that choice to get healthy.  Make yourself a priority and start turning back time!

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