Healthy Cooking

Healthy Cooking

One of the challenges I faced when I started changing my diet is that I knew nothing about healthy cooking!  I knew I had to cut the butter, but outside of that I was clueless.  I found an amazing website that literally changed my life!

Dieting is not easy, but it’s even harder if you’re not enjoying the foods that you’re eating.  Let’s be real….that’s half the battle.  I’m telling you that Skinnytaste has something for absolutely everyone!  Gina Homolka is the amazing woman behind Skinnytaste and she has thought of everything.  She has nutritional information on every recipe, which even includes weight watcher points.  She has recipes for special diets, all different ethnic backgrounds, simple, complex, and for any size group.  Her recipes are all simple enough for even an inexperienced cook and they are so precise that they still turn out delicious!  She even provides weekly meal plans complete with a grocery list for those with less time on their hands.  I mean it when I tell you her site is absolutely amazing!

If you’re like I was and are not sure how to start cooking healthy without losing the flavor, you have visit this site and try out at least a few recipes.  After 4 years of making her delicious creations, I’m now able to come up with some of my own lightened up recipes to be able to share with you all.  Please, stop by her site and give it a try.

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